Saturday, 6 April 2013

28 for 15, part 01

A while ago I asked on Frothers what 15mm or 20mm Ogres & Trolls are available. There are surprisingly few that really look good- Splintered Light Miniatures and Khurasan Miniatures both have some lovely looking Fantasy minis but most of the other companies' minis didn't manage to convince me. So when TheImp suggested using Red Box Games' Varp Krigare for Trolls, I did dig em out of storage to check the size and decided that I could just as well have a look what other 28mm minis might work as assorted Monsters, Demons and Giants along the 15mm Copplestone minis. This is the result- mind, it's just the first box I searched through, so over time there will be more.

Some 28mm minis that could work as Ogres, Trolls, Giants and other assorted monsters, though some of them would need a weapon swap or a bit of putty here and there. My pics are fairly crappy, but the minis actually all are rather nice.

RedBox Games:

(Ignore the message that "There are no products to list in this category.")

Great as huge Feral Giants for 15mm (and amongst my favourite minis):

Garret could be used as a somewhat more civilised, shortish Ogre

Could see both of them as smaller Giants:

From little Goblin to chunky Ogre and they didn't even need no steroids:

and as suggested by TheImp, these two would work as large Troll types:

Four A Miniatures:

The 'Young Cyclopes' obviously works well as a Cyclops:

Mortimer and his Missus- who is a bit camera shy and slithered out of the pic a split second before I pushed the camera button- both are scary beasts when used alongside 15mm to 20mm minis (yeah, ok so I was too lazy to dig her out of storage as well). Whereas the Four A Goblins should work well as Trolls (some would need their weapons modified a bit though, me thinks):

Depending on colour palette chosen, Paleskin could be either rock or earth Golem, while the Gremlin's making a bit of money on the side as Troll for hire in 15mm settings: 

Death Cherubs- well if I was only 15mm to 20mm 'tall', these sure would scare the hell out of me:

Aquatic Ogres from the depths of the Accursed Oceans- Sea Demon Warriors fit that description quite well.
Mrs Gremlin, not wearing any make-up but nevertheless ready to tear apart that brave and stoic Barbarian. 

Swamp hound, was thinking that besides making a formidable beast on its own, a scratch build Howdah could work quite well with turning him into a warbeast: 

Cauldron Born Miniatures:

Hunchback & Cauldron Born- be they Chaos Ogres, blighted Half- Giants or something completely different, they are a monstrous sight to behold:

Fenris Games:

Some Goatkin starring in various roles they initially weren't cast for and a huge Cyclops called Ray (pictured below trying to grab a tasty meat snack).

Also featuring an old Grenadier Treeman to accompany Bambi, who found a new job as endeeringly big- eyed woodland Giantess (don't call her Mrs Herne, she did resume her maiden name after the divorce).  Treeman's still available from Mirliton or via Miniature Heroes btw:

Big standing next to a 28mm mini, a proper Titan next to 15mm minis: 

Giant Minotaurs, though I would convert Rocky's club into a treestump for use with smaller minis like these: 

And here three of the Goatkin prove that they can be somewhat mildly disturbing big demons as well: 

As they share a box with the others shown previously, I figured I could just as well post them now instead of having to dig them out again later.

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