Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Build something: boxes & palettes

Quick, dirty and absolutely not to scale stacks of boxes & palettes.
Done as a quick test (and with no real planning involved) so I didn't bother to look up the dimensions of real palettes but instead just chose something that looked like the little forklift toy I got could lift.
 I guess this still may be of use to someone. And if you'd invest a bit more time than I did, these probably could look quite nice. Especially if you'd score some lines into the plastic card to represent the single boards on the palettes.

 Foam offcuts, a biro, a ruler, a kitchen knife, whetstone thingy (the foam dulls knives rather quickly).

 Cut the foam into roughly rectangular shapes:

Test piece one- scored in some lines with a biro to mark separate boxes, primed & painted. Far from perfect, but as scenery elements in the background that will be partly covered anyways, these should do: 

 Plastic card strips cut so that the 'boxes' from above fit onto them. 
Score the card with a cutter & then break off the pieces:

Cut some plastic card strips and glue them to a plastic rectangle:

Glue a plastic rectangle on top, while the result is just one big palette, I'll use each of the resulting pieces to represent two palettes. By no means close to looking like the real thing, but once the 'boxes' stand on top, nobody will see much of 'em anyways.:

Too add a hint of realism, I marked the center and using a cutter I placed  a little notch at each side.


Being just plastic card, its easy to cut them apart as well should two separate palettes be required.

Experimenting a bit with a plastic bag cut into pieces to represent plastic tarpaulin:

Will see how they look painted later on (and post some more pics then).

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