Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cars for Atomic Cafe (#01)

I'm not a big fan of using 1:43 or 1:48 cars with minis, as I feel they usually look far too big considering people tend to be able to look over a car (even someone like me that's only roughly 160cm 'tall').
Here's a couple of 30s to 50s cars that I think fit in with the Atomic Cafe stuff by Brigade Games. Lovely minis that can be bought either directly or via North Star (bit cheaper for Europeans) btw.

'50 Ford Custom, Racing Champions #71 (1:58)
The quality of the paintjobs on some of the Racing Champions cars occasionally is fairly shitty- on this one the white & silver flames partly are cracked. Not much of a problem in a post apocalyptic setting, just not nice if you want that car in mint condition.

 '49 Custom Merc, Racing Champions #67 (1:60)

'47 Chevy Fleetline, Hot Wheels 2003

'49 Ford Coupe, Hot Wheels 2001

'32 Ford highboy, Racing Champions #92 (1:54)

 '36 Cord, Hot Wheels 1996
Hot Wheels are all over the place scale/ sizewise. Roughly 1:64, but more whatever fits into the blister in reality. Still some nice & useful cars here and there.

'57 Chevy Bel Air, Jada Toys- Battle Machines (1:64)

'32 Ford Vicky, Hot Wheels (1968)
Not sure whether the deco is decals applied later on or part of the original paintjob. But it's easy to scrape lettering off. This, like the boneshaker below, was part of a joblot, but with some modifications just might work out ok.

Hot Wheels Boneshaker
If you don't mind the huge skull bling-bling, this car might be worth buying.
Me, I'm gonna use this for something else (something that'll include a big fat Ogre).

 '57 Chevy Suburban, Jada Toys- Road Rats (1:64)
Jada Toys, nominally 1:64 but the few I own or have seen in the flesh all tend to be bigger than that.

 '50-'55 Mercedes O 3500 (1:55)
Strictly speaking this bus doesn't really fit in, as it's a Mercedes bus that - as far as I know - never was used 'over there', but I love these old buses, it looks good and was dead cheap ( €3,50 including postage) and can easily be disassembled. It's also quite big.

 The cars next to each other, placed so that the rear wheels line up:

 And all together:

As much as I love old cars and toys scale models, I've had enough of 'em for now.

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