Friday, 31 May 2013

Cars for Atomic Cafe (#02)

Part two:

'58 Plymouth Fury, M2 Machines Auto-Dreams, Release 12 (1:64)
Initially thought the car might be a tad to small, but after having looked up the height this actually should be ok.

'40 Ford Sedan, Hot Wheels Tribute Customs, 1982

'56 Ford, Hot Wheels Work Crewsers- 'Flash the PhotoMan', 1999

'56 Ford F- 100, High Speed No. HF443

'33 Ford Roadster, Hot Wheels Hall of Fame- 'The El Segundo Kid', 1996

'34 Ford Coupe, Maisto - '1934 Ford Hot Rod'

'49 Mercury, M2 Machines Auto-Stretch Rods, release 1 (1:64)
If it wasn't for the fact that the best part of the interior is filled with exhaust pipes, this almost is big enough to be classified as mobile home.

Ford Fairlane, Hot Wheels - 8 crate, 2002

To emphasise just how big the stretch limo is, the Mercedes bus from last time is included in the pic as well:

Lined up, front wheel to front wheel.

And that's all of the cars ( until I buy some more).

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