Thursday, 2 May 2013

robogear, eggs and Orks

A while ago I bought quite a lot of Robogear stuff fairly cheap ( two starter sets, two large battle sets and some flyers). All I did at that time was throw away the paint pots that did come with the sets, sort the heap of plastic, shove it into three boxes and glue together some of the flyers.

A post on Frothers made me think I really should have a closer look at the kits I bought with the vague idea of using them as orky vehicles and (mainly) additions to the big pile of bits. So I played a bit with some of the stuff- don't really like most of them when built as per the instruction sheet, though they do have potential- more than I originally thought.

Hardly anything glued together as of yet, didn't even bother to remove the mould lines.

Werewolf would need some weapon modifications- like leaving off the big gun on the top. Other than that it's ok:

T- rex, I actually like that one, though I left off some bits that go on the legs:

Thunder, as it's supposed to look like:

and a quick mock up of what I think looks far more promising for an ork flyer thingy, mind still needs quite  a bit of work ( e.g.the back is open):

Spider, ok-ish:

 but works better as just a scuttling gun platform, me thinks:

Raptor (red) and Salamander (blue) minus weapons, bit meh:

Locust, doesn't work for me at all (far too leggy), again minus the weapons:

Now, if you stick the Raptor/ Salamander legs on the locust (or the Spider body) that works much better:

Raptor & Salamander sans legs should work well as basis for some sort of little flyer and/or rocket/ grav whatever bikes:

Hurricane- no, just no:

Eggs on parade- Kinder Ɯberraschung/ surprise eggs, to be more precise. Well, they do need quite a bit of attention, but plastic card & paint should help a lot with turning them into proper orky mechanical mayhem machines. Now I probably should figure out where I put those Orcs/ Orks:

 Some of the bits might come in handy, should I ever get round to building a little lab:

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