Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Chaos Army- conversion progress02 & some wip sculpts

Hell Dorado- damned ones of gluttony:
Repositioned arms & tongues, started adding some bits & erm, passengers.

 photo glutt01_zps4ff09a2e.jpg

Repositioned legs & tongues:

 photo glutt02_zps7dd3a93d.jpg

Started a smaller creature perched on one of the Trolls' shoulders:

 photo big_mutant01e_zps79dcc66f.jpg

Sicklings- roughly Goblin sized demonic mutant thingies:

Three Heads

 photo sickling01a_zpscbfacfcc.jpg

Fur Fetish

 photo sickling02a_zps18b1bee6.jpg

Mr Clockwork

 photo sickling03a_zpse0e0e7d9.jpg

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Chaos Army- (tiny) conversion progress01

Bit more work done on the big mutants. While I keep calling them Scibor trolls, they're actually sold by Basicks and before that were available via Micro Art Studio, it's just that they look like early stuff from Mr Pressmold.

Bit more work done on the arm & hand:

 photo big_mutant01c_zps68bb7964.jpg

Close up, pain in the arse to photograph:

 photo big_mutant01d_zpsc7faffe0.jpg

Festering sores, boils & blisters:

 photo big_mutant02c_zps7260a129.jpg

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Chaos Army

A while ago I decided to build a Chaos Army.
As using minis from only one manufacturer would be deadly boring, this will feature all kinds of stuff, some of which will be converted quite a bit.

Some Ogres I started converting quite a while ago. Some of them are partly painted- got them for cheap off of ebay- thus the greyscale pics (easier on the eyes, trust me).

chaos ogres 02 photo 100_3911_zps2fb7727f.jpg
 photo 100_3909_zps0cb18296.jpg
chaos ogres 01 photo 100_3907_zps997b13a5.jpg

Raging Heroes Moloss (that has to be one of the worst logos I've ever seen) and part of the GW Warshrine thingy- if it has tusks like an elephant, it can damn well carry a howdah too...

howdah_b photo 100_3900_zps7827159d.jpg
howdah_a photo 100_3899_zpsc80f8345.jpg

Some Trolls from a line of games called 'Descent' and some Chaos Beasties from the same line of games:

descent_trolls photo 100_3894_zps9eb81ed0.jpg 
descent_chaos beasts photo 100_3879_zpse32f7ea7.jpg

CorpsePig, a ppp D&D mini called Zombie Hulk + a Warploque Beastman head:

corpse pig photo 100_3885_zpsc11bb92c.jpg

More parts from the Chaosshrine box:
This creature will end up as hornblower.

chaos big mutants02 photo 100_3891_zps358f00ff.jpg
More mutants, on one I swapped parts of the arms for Ogre arms/ hands. The other did end up with a Plague Bearer head.

chaos big mutants01 photo 100_3888_zpsd514f2d4.jpg

Wyrd Miniatures- Stitched (and quite cute).

stitched photo 100_3896_zpsfe4df3c8.jpg

Bog standard Nurgle Chaos Lord.

nurgle lord photo 100_3898_zps344dbed0.jpg

And some Scibor Trolls. At €6.00 a piece they were cheap enough to serve as starting point for some big mutants.

troll_mutant02 photo 100_3883_zps8d08e7e9.jpg
troll_mutant01 photo 100_3880_zpscc11b200.jpg

And with a bit more work done today, this is what they look atm:

big mutants photo big_mutant_both_zpsbea1f4f2.jpg

big mutant 01 a photo big_mutant01_zps2401cd8e.jpg
big mutant 01 b photo big_mutant01b_zpscf0224ef.jpg
big mutant 02 a photo big_mutant02_zps88f37c1e.jpg
big mutant 02 b photo big_mutant02b_zpsd5cce6ba.jpg

Friday, 7 June 2013

Build something: Shelf of the Dead Part02 (tiny update)

Tiny update.
Started building the lower part of the ruined building and some ladders, that'll hopefully end up looking like they were quickly and without much care constructed  from young trees or thick branches.

I wanted the top part to clearly look like it was added later on and thus used different material for the lower part (cork coasters instead of foam).
Think it looks a bit too different though, but maybe a bit of paint will solve that problem.

Walls around the cemetery have been glued in place and are mostly painted, minus some weathering that will be applied later on.
The fence has received some layers of rust, but isn't glued to the wall as of yet as it'd just get in the way while I'm adding the graves etc.

build something- flying saucer rock'n'roll

While searching for something completely different in the cellar, I found a couple of plastic plates & bowls.
With the help of some leftover acrylic sealant and scrap bits of foam I stuck one of the plates and a bowl together. That did look a bit like a lamp shade so I added a plastic lid to the top( might have been from some sort of ice cream container, but I'm not quite sure about that).
As that still looked a bit like a battered old lampshade, I decided to add another plate to the bottom.

So here's the start of a big(ish) flying saucer. Ignore the chaos in the background, I didn't have anything big enough to use as background to hand.

ufo01 photo ufo01_zps19787d6a.jpg

And to give a better idea of the overall size, one of the Heresy trenchcoat gangers:

ufo02 photo ufo02_zps20ac9826.jpg

Gonna need quite a bit of sandable filler/ putty and bits to make that thing look more like a nice 'little' ufo.