Friday, 7 June 2013

build something- flying saucer rock'n'roll

While searching for something completely different in the cellar, I found a couple of plastic plates & bowls.
With the help of some leftover acrylic sealant and scrap bits of foam I stuck one of the plates and a bowl together. That did look a bit like a lamp shade so I added a plastic lid to the top( might have been from some sort of ice cream container, but I'm not quite sure about that).
As that still looked a bit like a battered old lampshade, I decided to add another plate to the bottom.

So here's the start of a big(ish) flying saucer. Ignore the chaos in the background, I didn't have anything big enough to use as background to hand.

ufo01 photo ufo01_zps19787d6a.jpg

And to give a better idea of the overall size, one of the Heresy trenchcoat gangers:

ufo02 photo ufo02_zps20ac9826.jpg

Gonna need quite a bit of sandable filler/ putty and bits to make that thing look more like a nice 'little' ufo.

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