Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Chaos Army- conversion progress02 & some wip sculpts

Hell Dorado- damned ones of gluttony:
Repositioned arms & tongues, started adding some bits & erm, passengers.

 photo glutt01_zps4ff09a2e.jpg

Repositioned legs & tongues:

 photo glutt02_zps7dd3a93d.jpg

Started a smaller creature perched on one of the Trolls' shoulders:

 photo big_mutant01e_zps79dcc66f.jpg

Sicklings- roughly Goblin sized demonic mutant thingies:

Three Heads

 photo sickling01a_zpscbfacfcc.jpg

Fur Fetish

 photo sickling02a_zps18b1bee6.jpg

Mr Clockwork

 photo sickling03a_zpse0e0e7d9.jpg

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