Saturday, 8 June 2013

Chaos Army

A while ago I decided to build a Chaos Army.
As using minis from only one manufacturer would be deadly boring, this will feature all kinds of stuff, some of which will be converted quite a bit.

Some Ogres I started converting quite a while ago. Some of them are partly painted- got them for cheap off of ebay- thus the greyscale pics (easier on the eyes, trust me).

chaos ogres 02 photo 100_3911_zps2fb7727f.jpg
 photo 100_3909_zps0cb18296.jpg
chaos ogres 01 photo 100_3907_zps997b13a5.jpg

Raging Heroes Moloss (that has to be one of the worst logos I've ever seen) and part of the GW Warshrine thingy- if it has tusks like an elephant, it can damn well carry a howdah too...

howdah_b photo 100_3900_zps7827159d.jpg
howdah_a photo 100_3899_zpsc80f8345.jpg

Some Trolls from a line of games called 'Descent' and some Chaos Beasties from the same line of games:

descent_trolls photo 100_3894_zps9eb81ed0.jpg 
descent_chaos beasts photo 100_3879_zpse32f7ea7.jpg

CorpsePig, a ppp D&D mini called Zombie Hulk + a Warploque Beastman head:

corpse pig photo 100_3885_zpsc11bb92c.jpg

More parts from the Chaosshrine box:
This creature will end up as hornblower.

chaos big mutants02 photo 100_3891_zps358f00ff.jpg
More mutants, on one I swapped parts of the arms for Ogre arms/ hands. The other did end up with a Plague Bearer head.

chaos big mutants01 photo 100_3888_zpsd514f2d4.jpg

Wyrd Miniatures- Stitched (and quite cute).

stitched photo 100_3896_zpsfe4df3c8.jpg

Bog standard Nurgle Chaos Lord.

nurgle lord photo 100_3898_zps344dbed0.jpg

And some Scibor Trolls. At €6.00 a piece they were cheap enough to serve as starting point for some big mutants.

troll_mutant02 photo 100_3883_zps8d08e7e9.jpg
troll_mutant01 photo 100_3880_zpscc11b200.jpg

And with a bit more work done today, this is what they look atm:

big mutants photo big_mutant_both_zpsbea1f4f2.jpg

big mutant 01 a photo big_mutant01_zps2401cd8e.jpg
big mutant 01 b photo big_mutant01b_zpscf0224ef.jpg
big mutant 02 a photo big_mutant02_zps88f37c1e.jpg
big mutant 02 b photo big_mutant02b_zpsd5cce6ba.jpg

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