Friday, 23 August 2013

The Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2013 (UNDOD)

Over on The Forum of Doom, more or less every year there's a friendly little competition running.
The main idea is to use miniatures sold by the FoD companies and build a little diorama with them.

The UNDOD's not some super sized battle of the brushes type of thing with tons of prizes but rather a competition where imagination, thinking outside of the box and having some fun with the minis available from the companies represented on the FoD are far more important than being the most technically brilliant painter in the whole wide world.

This year's theme is "pick on someone your own size" and I figured I'd draw a silly little logo/ advertising thingy. Nothing serious, nothing that comes even close to being a typical battle scene, just a little bit of fun.


The rules and some general info can be found at the link below.
There's different categories that also allow for entering just a single mini - after all not everybody has the time and space to build a full blown diorama.

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