Sunday, 15 September 2013

KRASH, car combat

There's a few car combat games out there, but the only one I ever played -and actually the one and only tabletop game I've ever played- is KRASH. 
Published by now defunct Swedish company Cell Entertainment in the middle/ late 90s, it was advertised as collectible miniature game and much like designer vinyl toys nowadays was sold in blindboxes , meaning you never could be sure which parts exactely you'd be finding in the boxes. 

The starter pack had enough parts for two cars/ players.

KRASH starter pack

Some of the expansion packs - there were different equipment packs offering more weapon and add on choices and some car expansion packs with different car designs e.g. a monster truck.

KRASH expansions

I quite like the vehicles, despite the occasionally rather shoddy casting quality and the fiddlyness involved with glueing the cars together (though LAB was worse, featuring coloured cables that where supposed to connect different bits of lab equipment but then I only bought it for the little creatures).
The cars had to be assembled fom various parts, allowing for a bit more customisation than just different weapons and add ons.

shoddy casting, one of the plugs for adding equipment is missing but you do get extra lumps of lead sticking to the tail fins

Monster Truck

one of the standard cars as featured in the starter

some parts from the car expansions- different main body and boot/ trunk, the bonnet is one of two standard variants

some of the weapons and other add ons like different sets of wheels

Size wise the cars are roughly the same as most 1:64 die cast cars like Hot Wheels and Matchbox, so they can be used together without looking out of place. The good thing is, this also means the add ons will work on die casts as well, though some will need a bit of trimming as there's no corresponding plugs on the toy cars.

quick mock up showing some weapons on various cheapo die cast cars

Jada Battle Machine on the left

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