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painting monster eyes & yucky skin

This is an old tutorial I posted on the FOD, but I figured I could just as well post it on the blog, especially since I recently painted a few big eyes on a scenery piece.

Painting eyes on shoggies and big monsters:

Cthulhuminati/ Fenris Games- Cthulhu's Sarcophagus

Tengu Models- Shoggoth Slave

Did take me a while and several attempts to figure out something I thought looks convincing enough. Plus I cheated, as with most eyes I left out the white 'light reflection'.

Block in the eye with a slightly yellowish white.
Add a black dot of appropriate size where you want to place the iris + pupil.

Thin all your paints well, as you'll most likely have to go over parts several times (unless of course unlike me your one of those super tidy people who manage to get everything right at first attempt).

Decide on what colour you want the iris to be and place it in a roughly circular shape around the black dot.
Curse your shaky hands + shortsightedness and move on to the next step.

Mix in some paint, so you end up with a somewhat darker colour than before. Draw lines starting from the outside diameter of the iris to the pupil/ black dot, a bit like an asterix *, only with more lines. Try to make sure the lines get thinner/ finer towards the center.
Curse your shaky hands + shortsightedness and ...

Take a blob of your iris base colour, lighten it with white or whatever colour seems appropriate. Draw lines from the pupil to the outside of iris. This time make sure the lines ain't all that straight/ are a bit wavey.
Curse your ...

Clean up the outer edge of the iris with your base colour. Swear some more as you'll inevitably will paint over some of the painstakingly painted lines from above. Clean up the mess.
Take a bit of the inital base colour, lighten it a tad and thin it well. Glaze over the eye to make the contrast a little less harsh.

Redot the black pupil. And clean up the edge of the iris with the yellowish white from the start.

For the bloodshot look either use something like a micron pen or a brush with a good tip/fine point (or combine both, first the micron pen than draw over that with your brush, the micron pen is a bit to felt tip pen red for my taste but makes placing the meandering veins easier). Add some slightly wavey lines.

Optionally add some more yellow and just a hint of red to your yellowish white, thin it and glaze over parts of the eye close to the eye socket and around the veins.

For the blind eyes I glazed the whole eye over with some light greyish blue paint, but left out most of the wavey lines stuff.

General tips- think of painting the eyes as a bit like painting various minis wearing the same uniform:
- block in all the eyes at first, then dot in the pupil on all those eyes
- do all the eyes of the same colour in one go
- don't paint too many eyes in one go, it's kinda hard to focus on them lines after a while


quick description on how I painted the skin on this guy as it's basically the same way I paint/ painted shoggies, added the parts that are a bit different for the shoggies in italics:

Tengu Models- Son of Yog-Sothoth

painting yucky skin on shoggies and other monsters:

I do prime everything with brush on primer. In this case I mixed in some flesh coloured paint and a bit of white with grey primer (Vallejo surface primer) as base, for the shoggies I left out the white though as that would have made the base colour a bit too light. Should work the same if you spray prime and then give the whole thing a wash with a suitably sickly looking flesh tone.

I did give the Fenris shoggy a light drybrush with my primer/ base colour mix but added a bit more light grey. As it's a fairly big mini that's less time consuming than carefully highlighting everything. 

Then I roughly highlighted (lightish flesh colour) and shaded the whole thing (Ogryn flesh).
Added a very thin wash of badab black on top to make it look less bright. At this stage the Fenris shoggy only did get some highlights painted on the upper part of its body, as I already had drybrushed him.

Some parts were then painted over with various other paints (everything from purple to yellow), blended with roughly the same colour I used for the first highlights.
Here and there I stippled on some differently coloured paint to give the skin a slightly mottled look (didn't do that on the shoggy, as there's less flat surfaces) and and added some thinned down paints like a wash to the creases/ parts where I thought the shadows should be stronger.
Repeat the whole thing several times until happy with the overall effect and add a really thin wash of greyish flesh paint over the whole thing.

On the Tengu shoggy I added some veins with blueish purple paint using a brush with a fine tip. I also used several green washes to make the little one look even more disgusting, mainly on the lower parts around some of the puss filled blisters/ boils.

For the puss I usually start with a dark yellow as a basecolour, then add more and more white for every layer (depending on the size of the boil I use two to four layers). Each additional layer covers less of the boils.
I then sometimes will add a wash around the boils, sometimes even over them boils. Green on the Tengu shoggy and a very thin red wash on the Fenris shoggy.

Fenris Games- Colossal Shoggoth

The short version:
Prime + basecoat the whole thing in a greyish flesh colour, highlight/ dry brush with a lighter version of the base colour.
Add a wash for the initial shading, add various washes and glazes (mostly blueish purple, yellow, green and a medium red).

Add a really thin wash of greyish flesh paint over the whole thing.

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