Saturday, 21 September 2013

Robogear bits as weapons for 1:64 cars

Figured I'd have a look at how well bits from Robogear would work with die cast cars as weapons for vehicular combat games (too lazy to type that all the time, so VCG from now on). Didn't bother to properly clean the parts as this is just a test.

First some weapons  from various walkers/ vehicles.
Some work as they are, others of course are far too big but still would make a good starting point for scratch building weapons. Some of the bits would make good small scale space ships as well.

A couple of the bits that ain't weapons are useful as well- can't remember what that thing on the black & red car below is, but as far as I'm concerned it's a good enough minelayer.
Admittedly some of the weapons & missiles look like someone went on a shopping spree in a sex shop for giants.

All the robogear kits contain a couple of troopers or a pilot. These are a good source for smaller weapons... 

 ... and by that I don't just mean the weapons they carry but their body parts as well.
Head + backpack= smoke mortar, the torso parts work well enough as weapon platforms or housing and even the arms could be used- either as oil dispenser or with the addition of a plastic card circle as external super breaks or something.

Conclusion: if you got some robogear kits stashed away somewhere keep them in mind when looking for weapons for VCG.

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