Monday, 7 October 2013

UNDOD2013 start & wip pics (1)

The Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2013 (UNDOD) has started.

I'll be building a diorama. Most likely a silly one.

starting pic

As someone on the FoD asked why my clock says 'DIE', I figured I'd post the explanation here as well:
"It's a very misanthropic alarm clock that used to be a grumpy undertaker and a generally unpleasant person in a former life. After a freak accident involving an exploding coffin, King Karma decided to treat the dirty old man to another spin on the wheel of life...
The truth is a wee bit more boring - Dienstag means Tuesday in German and DIE is simply the abbreviation of Dienstag."


Minis are mostly prepped & primed, ready for converting them.

I'll be needing a crab claw.
To keep this fairly cheap (and a bit more lighter  than a solid putty claw would be), I'll be sculpting the claw around a core made out of  aluminium foil & wire.

1 crab claw core - aluminium foil & wire
2 Fimo & Uro polymer clay (green), Milliput standard (grey & yellow)
3 big putty ball

Mixed the polymer clay + the Milliput and covered the core with the mixture. No need to be super neat and accurate.

initial layer in place

After about an hour or so, the putty has cured a bit and I've started refining the shape a bit.

roughly shaped crab claw

I'll let the claw fully cure now.

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